Mission and values



To provide accessible, affordable, dignified, and Christian-inspired health care to people in Haiti, regardless of their socio-economic status and ability to pay


Our purpose is to advance the impact of the Gospel of Jesus-Christ and reflect God's love for people living in distressed communities by improving their health outcomes through partnership with local churches and other community-based organizations.

Our current strategy is to partner with local churches in Haiti to provide dignified and Christian-inspired healthcare services to people with poor access to medical care.


Our ministry springs from God's love and compassion for all people, particularly those living in dire situations, suffering from lack of access to proper health care, and living in inhumane conditions. Our work is based on personal integrity, accountability, and responsibility in managing funds and resources, developing projects, and providing services to those in need.

Dignified care

Haitians value respect and dignity. They are poor, but they are proud and resilient. They always want to give something back, out of the little that they have.

We believe in dignified, patient-centered care.

We believe in providing the same quality of care to all patients, regardless of their religion, beliefs, and political and socio-economic conditions.

We train our employees and volunteers to treat all patients with respect and dignity.

Affordable care

We want people to receive care in our settings regardless of their capacity to pay.

Healthcare is expensive everywhere. Haiti is far from having a national health insurance system. Many times people delay seeking care or buying medications because they cannot pay. Your donation to Repheka Haiti will pay for them.

Your generosity will help our patients live healthier and more productive lives.

Christian-inspired care

Christians are called to be caring and compassionate, and serve everybody with love and respect.

We want our work to reflect our Christian values.

We want our settings to be nurturing and welcoming to ALL.

We want our Christian values to help us inspire our youth, the future leaders of Haiti, to believe in integrity, accountability, and responsibility.