Repheka Clinic at Pernier

19A, Route de Frères
Pernier, Petion-Ville
Ouest, Haiti
Tels: 2412-3815, 4406-1521.

Inaugurated on March 2010, the Center is located in the heart of the Pernier community, where it provides preventive and primary care. The Center moves to a new location, just a few blocks from the former one, in May 2014, during the peak period of the Chikungunya epidemics.

The Center occupies the first floor of a two-story building, which assures easy access to patients and staff and to physically challenged patients.

Hours of service: 8 AM – 4 PM


  • Adult primary care:

    Care to adults with hypertension, diabetes, infections, arthritis, etc.

  • Pediatrics:

    Care to infants, children, and adolescents with cough, fever, diarrhea, etc.

  • Obstetrics:

    Care to pregnant women (prenatal care).

  • Gynecology:

    Care to women with menses problems, vaginal infections, etc.

  • Pelvic ultrasound

  • Dental care:

    Extraction, prophylaxis, restoration, scaling, etc.

  • Laboratory

    Complete blood count, urinalysis, blood sugar, vaginal smears, and rapid tests for HIV, Malaria, Typhoid, Dengue, Chikungunya, etc.

  • Pharmacy

    Availability of essential medications necessary for the most frequent conditions encountered in Haiti.

  • EKG

    High quality EKG tracing with built-in interpretation

  • Other:

    Wound care, injections, IV fluids, urine catheter, etc.

  • Xray (upcoming)

  • Clinical Staff:
    • Six physicians, including a Pediatrician and an OBGYN specialist
    • Two registered nurses
    • Two nurses-auxiliaries
    • One pharmacist
    • Two lab technicians