Your donations are essential to maintain operations for Repheka Clinique to achieve its mission of providing affordable health services, including office visits, medications, and lab tests. We are requesting $8,000-$10,000 in donations to maintain operations. In addition we need your help to pursue two urgently needed Special Projects: Solar powered electrical system and a clinical laboratory upgrade. Both projects are crucial to our capacity to provide affordable quality healthcare to individuals and families living in Haiti.

Currently, we use three sources of electricity: city power, inverter/batteries, and generator. The city power, that is supposed to charge the batteries, is only available few nights a week, and often not at all. As a result, the energy coming from the batteries covers only the first two or three hours of the day. For the remaining hours, we must use a gasoline-powered generator. When there is no city power the night before, we use the generator for the entire working day. With this current system, not only do we not have electricity during nighttime and weekends, but we daily spend money and time on gasoline and generator maintenance.

In contrast, a solar system will cover our energy needs both during the day, without the daily gasoline expenses, and throughout the night and weekends, from the charged batteries. We will then be using “green” renewable energy. We will still have access to city power, anytime it is provided, to further charge the batteries. A new generator is needed as a backup (since our current one is aging). Thus, the solar system will help us enjoy 24-7 electricity, which is necessary for our lab and pharmacy. Based on our actual energy needs, we can begin with a solar system estimated at $10,000 (12 400-watt solar panels, 8 Rolls batteries, and charge controller), and a new generator estimated at $8,000.

For the clinical chemistry component at our laboratory, we currently use a manual spectrophotometer, for blood glucose level, renal panel, and lipid panel. We plan to add hemoglobin A1C, hepatic panel, and serum electrolytes. With the availability of 24-hour electricity based on a solar system, a semiautomatic chemistry analyzer will better fit our needs. The cost for upgrading our clinical chemistry component is estimated at $5,000.

Publié le: 9/26/2020 12:29:09 AM