Hurricane Matthew - What can we do to help?

Damages at Jeremie

Hurricane Matthew had left behind major damages to cities and towns in the south and northwest of Haiti.
So far, the death toll is estimated at 800 persons; many thousands families are displaced; roads, bridges, and houses are destroyed; crops are lost; cattle are killed; businesses, schools, health centers, and churches are badly damaged.

People living in distressed areas need water, food, clothing, eating utensils, etc.. They need also building materials to repairs their homes. Healthcare is a concern, as the poor economic and social conditions can lead to the resurgence of cholera, malaria, malnutrition, and other endemic diseases.

The call is to all of us, both in Haiti and abroad, to step up to the plate and help.

Repheka Haiti intends to bring assistance to the distressed populations. As we intervene mostly in healthcare, we plan to conduct mobile clinics in strategic areas. As such, we will need medications, IV fluids, oral rehydration salts, antitetanic sera and vaccines, and rapid tests for malaria, dengue etc.

To join us in helping the victims of Hurricane Matthew, please click on the Donation button of this site or go to www.repheka/home/donation.


Publié le: 10/8/2016 6:05:32 PM